London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter ’18: Day Four Part 2

I decided to divide day four of London Fashion Week AW18 into two posts because a lot happened that day. Plus, I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys to sleep with too much awesomeness. 🙂 The second part of the day is a contrast between a designer that challenges the notion of what the fashion industry has become and Fashion designers all the way from …

London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter ’18: Day Four Part 1

If there’s one thing I can take from Attending London Fashion Week,  it is the fact that it is the Ultimate 5 day Helter SKetler Weightloss Challenge! With Shows in every corner of the city and the poor excuse of navigation that my brain is, (I swear no sense of direction at all), I usually end up shedding over 7kgs per season hehe. My day …

Looks Like a girl,

But She is A Flame

Alicia Keys