The Chronicles of Yimbiha

I usually prefer to tag my everyday dilly-dalling #yimbihashenanighans. However today’s I decided I might as well make the short films a series and Behold  ‘The Chronicles of Yimbiha.’

In today’s episode of The Chronicles of Yimbiha we follow these wannabe film maker around the city. Only this time instead of doing the shooting, I asked my friend to do it instead.

Out of the 70 videos taken only 4 made the cut! 🙈

In this video I share a typical Sunday for me. Well, without the vlog shooting.

I go out in the morning on a bike head to the city and grab breakfast at Charlotte.

Charlotte is missing in this shot because once we got to the restaurant we were so hungry we forgot we were vlogging about it.

Next time my loves 😍

Let me know if you enjoy this series and if you would like for me to do more of this. Also feel free to let me know what part of my day you would like featured in the series.

Have a Whacky Wednesday Loves XOXO

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