Chasing The Sun on a Beautiful Yet Cloudy Autumn Day

Yes, Witek and I literally chased the sun! I am to blame and of course I refuse to take full blame so I’ll shamelessly add that the fact that I live right in the CBD the traffic didn’t help us much 🙂  Also you know how they say  you can take the girl out of the village but you sure can’t take the village out of the girl. Well, this villager here having spent a full decade living in Europe, is still a notorious African timer. Basically, I had to postpone the shoot for another hour which led to Witek getting stuck in traffic and by the time he made it to the assigned shoot location, the sun was gone lol and we had to literally chase it.

Meanwhile, I think mother nature was like, ‘I don’t negotiate with latecomers!’ so yeah after setting the apparatus we only managed to take two photos before the sun disappeared behind the skyscrapers.

We were left with no choice but to walk back to the initial location where Witek picked a spot and said, “Let’s do the shot here, the light is soft.” which of course The Doubting Thomas in me turned, looked at him and was like “Really?” *insert really meme face here* to which he replied, “Trust me.” So I decided to go with it and well, let us just say he proved me wrong 🙂

About my look. For the longest time I have avoided the color white. Infact the ensemble I have on me was never bought to be worn together. I was quickly going through my wardrobe to find an oufit for the day then in the process I found myself in a full white ensemble. I felt it was too in-your-face white, so I decided to do the opposite. ‘Camouflage’ it. So my inspiration for this day’s outfit was Camouflage. Therefore when you look at it think Kenyan army uniform only this time white was a tad bit more than the belt.








Photos by Witek Berkan

Top: Zara Basic

Flowy Vest: Zara

Pants: Similiar Mango

Watch: Swarovski

Bag: Michael Kors

Shoes: Isabel Marant

Have a lovely Friday and weekend ahead guys!

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