Shoesaholic Anonymous

My name is Yimbiha and I am a shoeaholic.

For the longest time I can remember, I have been a  platform heels (which my sister Winnie, refers to as Hooves) kind of girl. The higher they were, the better.

The first ever heels I owned were a present from my sister, Sharon. They were these black, white and grey strappy blocked heels. Very high (15cm). Of course at the very beginning I walked like a duck. We all go through that awkward stage where you walk with your knees bent and your torso bent forward, you know the partly duck partly penguin walk. Seeing that you are absorbed in your fabulousness and in total denial, you don’t see it but everybody around you does 😉 Regardless, I wore them with pride! You can be sure that the minute I learnt how to walk in heels, I was hooked.

By hooked i mean, there has been time in my life where I owned 50 pairs of high heels (yes, strictly heels!).
I recently decided to change my look a lil’ bit. Switch from platform heels to cute lady like pumps.  Seeing that I usually wear 15cm heels, the pumps that caught my attention were the Christian Louboutin “So Kate” heels. Oh! Boy I have been eyeing those shoes since forever!
So, before I decided to spent a cow and leg to buy the So Kate’s, I decided to spend some money on a more affordable pair 1st and test them out.
Long story short, What was supposed to be a one pair spree eneded up being a 5 pairs one. Here are the some of them. I will be posting different outfits to show you how I plan to wear them. For now, I went the extra mile ‘styling’ the shoes with different accessories and color pallets to help with styling  incase you own a pair 🙂
Heels: Deezee
Necklace and bracelet: H&M
Sunglasses: LV
Heels: Deezee
Necklace: Bebe (Summer collection)
Eau de Parfum: Paco Rabanne Lady milion
Bag: LV
Heels: Deezee
Watch: Parfois (old)
Eye Shadow: Manhattan Honeywood (12B/93F)
Lipstic: MAC Rebel
Eau de Parfum: Gucci Guilty
Have a Lovely lovely Friday Guys 🙂
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