Prêt-à-Porter by Gosia Blanka Kosiorek

This was a very last minute photoshoot that took almost a whole day to shoot. Gosia (read Gosha) Is a young polish designer who will soon be graduating from Strzemiński Academy of Art in Łodz, Poland. Gosia is quite a lovely girl and I enjoyed working with her and honored by the fact that she wanted me to model her latest collection. Just have a look and you’ll get what I mean. In this shoot I got to work with three different photographers, two who you already know, Paweł Słowik(the gentleman) and Konrad Hudaś, as well as Edyta Szarek and two other models, Michał Szpak and Dorota Wójcik.This post is exclusively Paweł’s shots. Stay tuned for Konrad’s and Edyta’s shots.

Photographer: Pawel Słowik
MUA: Ewa Pogorzelska
Designer and Stylist: Gosia Blanka Kosiorek
Jewellery: Monika Roth
Models: Me, Michal Szpak, Dorota Wójcik
Hair: Hairteam
Location: Most Poniatowskiego, Warsaw, Poland








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