I Would Like To Drown You in Jewels and Give You a Crown

  • Hejka! I would like to drown you in jewels and give you a crown. It involves you in a bathtub. 🛁 Would you be interested? 😘
  • Yay! Awesome!! Totally in! 💃🏾
  • I am trying to find a bigger bathtub because the one at Paweł’s is kinda small. Do you know a place with one? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Give me a sec ☝🏾
  • (After a long search, and a few phone calls, we decided to do the shoot in my apartment)
  • OK. So I have everything figure out. We will be shooting next Saturday. 📸
  • OK. Time to get bodied 😉 What would you like me to wear?
  • Black bodysuit 👯
  • Most definitely. I however have to be the only girl that doesn’t own a bodysuit. It is a high time, I owned one though. I’ll do that. 🛍
  • Make sure it is very extra 😄
  • Ok just ordered one online. Here’s the link 👩🏾‍💻
  • uuuh! Awesome! I hope it gets here by Friday! Can’t wait!
  • This is the concept I currently have. Lots of jewellery, a flower crown, bold lips and bold eyes. I’d like to give you the so called wet look. What do you think? 🤔
  • I love the idea behind the flower crown. I actually have a couple of ideas. We can start with a natural look; pink/orange lips preferably peach. Then for the second look, switch to bold red lips and in the final look, metallic gold eyeshadow coupled with gold jewellery. 💁🏾
  • Awesome! See you on Saturday. 📆
  • Buziaczki 😘
  • @yimbiha)
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