Master Cleanser Diet Review(Dieta Lemoniada)

Well, I gave up after day 3.
Weight lost: 2.6kgs in 3days
My conclusion: It is a good diet if you wish to lose weight fast eg for a wedding or like Beyonce for a role in a movie otherwise it is totally not worth it unless you plan to spend the rest of your life drinking lemonade.
The reason why is after the diet, there’s the urge to eat everything and anything even stuff you didn’t eat before the diet. For me it was cheese cakes, apple pies, whip cream, donuts, McDs!! I ate everything and of course gained all the weight back!
The good: I did get my detox and got in the habit of drinking water. I now drink atleast 1litre of water per day :)So I’ve decided to do it the old way. Exercise and small portions of food. I am switching back to Salads for a while(in December I managed to loose 5kgs on a salads diet :)))All the best. I will share with you my workout plan once I manage to keep up with it 🙂 Wish me luck 🙂
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