25 Random Things About Yimbiha

Do you guys remember some time back when there was this faceboog tag thing? The rules were as follows:
you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random
things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people
to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged
you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

took part in it and below is what I wrote. I thought it would be good
enough for my ‘about’ page tab. This is about 3years ago. Anything in Italic is an update. 🙂


1. I’m just from an oral exam. The last exam this semester. I passed it. I’m not happy.

2. I have a 19.0 BMI. I think I’m overweight.
Still at 19.0. Still have weight issues.

3. On my Birthday I received over 60 birthday wishes, 2 presents and 1 bday card 🙂
On my last one…a guess bag!!!!

When I was a kid I wrote my dad two A4 fullscaps begging him to buy me a
bike…He bought me a real cool bike 🙂 That was very very unique!!!
Need to do that fulscap thingy again 🙂

5. I have 7 email addresses. I can only remember passwords to 4 of them 🙂
Now I can only remember the 4 email adresses.

6. I really do suck at cooking.

Still do! I have 4 scars that are still healing on my left hand from the blisters I gotdue to a failed attempt at baking potatoes(I forgot that oven doors do get hot!!)

7. I own two red suitcases, one cute red bag, red leather gloves, red wallet. That’s the much of red in my wardrobe 🙂
Things have changed in the last few years 😀

When I want to know how much someone means to me. I imagine them hurt
or the world without them. If it makes me cry. I DO care.

9. I treasure all my friendships. Even the 5mins ones at the bus stop 🙂

10.I believe everybody is innocent until they proove themselves guilty.

The reason I don’t reply messages after days/months of going silent is
because I feel guilty and embarrassed for the silence.
I found a solution….replying IMMEDIATELY!

12. My big siz once told me I should never leave room for excuses. I don’t.

I used to think P-Diddy was the flyest man on earth (for over 10years)
till I turned 17 and read an article on some random magazine. On the
article it was written that he was 34yrs old. He was twice my age!!!

14. I can’t stand the taste let alone the smell of coffee 🙁
Time stopped flying, it teleports! Thus the endless shots of expresso.

15. I don’t know how to keep grudges.
I still hold a grudge with coffee 🙂

I was on air on Polish TV for like 2mins. Live! It was my 2mins of
fame!! I’m NEVER doing it again!!!(unless they offer to pay me 5 times
what they did lol!!!)
knew that one year later I got yet another chance for my 2nd 15secs of
fame and suprisingly got paid 6.5times more than this particular TV job

17. When I am laughing, like for real, no sounds chucks from my vocals! 🙂

….plus a flood of tears.18. I LOVE Mirinda. 

Still do! Having a glass as I edit this! 🙂

19. I feel very stupid when I get mad. Especially if I raise my voice.
Still do.

I am slow to anger 🙂 but once in a blue moon I do get mad and when I
do, I shut up then walk away coz I’m scared of what I might do or say!
I’ve done a lil shouting here and there then balled my eyes out coz I was so mad at myself!

21. I never get tired of making new friends and acquaintances.
Made one just the other day! YAY!

I once walked a 600m distance with a stranger at midnight because she
was too scared to walk alone.(get rid of that look, ofcourse I had cab
money! I just wanted to do something random. The opportunity presented
itself, I jumped on it :))

My randomness has gotten on a completely defferent level. Don’t judge me! 🙂

23. My sister Winnie can SING. I hope she makes it big in the music industry one day 🙂 She’s my superstar 🙂
Planning big things for her 🙂

24. I have clothes in my wardrobe that I bought but never worn them. 🙂
The shorts I wore today, were bought in Feb! I just pulled the tag off 🙂

25. I want to buy myself a laptop by mid February with my own money! It costs 764 euros. I’ve only managed to raise 50 euros 🙂
managed to save! Took longer to save for it plus I didnt buy the óne
that costed 764euros one. Instead I bought a slightly cheaper one. Still
going strong 🙂
Still have my regrets. 🙂

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