Midnight Cravings with ĆMA by Mateusz Gessler

It is no secret that I love eating. I am the grumpiest person and borderline Walking Dead ‘walkers’ hungry on an empty stomach. On top of that, I fail miserably at being a adult when it comes to my eating habits. I have tried to follow and emulate the steps of adultier adults but too late. This ‘adult’ is beyond help.

Don’t get me wrong, I am adult enough to know that I need food to function. It is just the hours I choose to grab something to eat that are just unthinkable. So you bet my piggy-self that I was over the moon excited to find out that one of my favourite people aka chef Mateusz Gessler opened a late night restaurant at a walking distance from my apartment. Why is he one of my fav chefs? Because he opened Warszawa Wschodnia, a 24hr restaurant, which you can guess who frequents it at 3am in the morning.

Anybody living in Warsaw and loves to dine (or in my case pig out at 3am lol), is quite familiar with the household name Gessler. You know you are getting your money’s worth when you dine at Mateusz’s. I will talk about his other restaurant in future posts. Today I dedicate this post to the recently opened ĆMA Bistro. ĆMA (chi-ma), polish for moth, is a restaurant that serves Polish Cuisine with a twist. In addition to that, Open Kitchen! You can watch the chefs making your meal.

Unfortunately, unlike Warszawa Wschodnia, it is only open till 1am. So what is different about ĆMA? You can walk in at any time no reservations and have a decent full 3 course meal accompanied by a wide selection of wine, cocktails, shot of vodka or the ever so refreshing water.

I am notorious for ordering my favourite dish per restaurant. This time round I ordered something different. Again, Not disappointed 🙂 I will be sharing with you meals from two different days. On both occasions we chose to sit by the bar (they have separate tables for those of you who love the  intimate setting 😉 or go dining in groups)

While you wait for your food they always serve you a selection of freshly baked bread which varies from one day to the other.

Day one: I had just come from the movies and since I already had something before going to the cinema, I only had the 2nd course meal which was the Saure Cabbage in Hunter Style. I am no wine expert but a picky one and therefore, when at ĆMA the only wine I drink is Gruner Vetliner which you can have by the glass or bottle.

I was with my friend and he had the Cray Fish in Polish Style. Ofcourse I convinced him to drink ‘my’ wine.

Finally, we had an espresso and macchiato later which I forgot to take close up photos of, sorry guys.

Now on day two, I was starving. For starters, I had the Beet Root Carpaccio and  The Maldives Tuna for the second meal which to be honest I asked to be brought together at the table. 🙂 Downed it with a glass of prossecco (compliments of the house) and the ever so present bottle of still water. You just can’t see it 😀

I didn’t order dessert this time round but the infamous Meringue Cake is what you want. Love love it. I have friends who drive all the way just to have the cake. It is that good! 🙂

Here are more photos of the place:

In conclusion, if you are foodie, you love dining, late night hours included, or happen to be in Warsaw and find yourself looking for a place in the city centre to grab a decent meal, then ĆMA is the place to go.

However,  if it is past 1am then Warszawa Wschodnia it is. Stay tuned. I will be sharing that with you.

Happy New Year Guys!!! XOXO Remember #snapchatfridays #yimbihashenanighans

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