London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter ’18: Day Five

Minki The Minki Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, presented in Park Chinois in Mayfair against a backdrop that paid homage to the unrestrained decadence of 1930s Shanghai is inspired from gemstones, mineral jewels. Traditional and contemporary elements merged; sculptural couture outerwear was styled alongside dainty fairylike dresses fashioned from layer upon layer of delicate tulles, pleated into checks to resemble the facets and transparency of carved gemstones. Taffeta …

London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter ’18: Day Four Part 2

I decided to divide day four of London Fashion Week AW18 into two posts because a lot happened that day. Plus, I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys to sleep with too much awesomeness. 🙂 The second part of the day is a contrast between a designer that challenges the notion of what the fashion industry has become and Fashion designers all the way from …

What If I Fall?

Oh, but Darling, What If You Fly


London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter ’18: Day Four Part 1

If there’s one thing I can take from Attending London Fashion Week,  it is the fact that it is the Ultimate 5 day Helter SKetler Weightloss Challenge! With Shows in every corner of the city and the poor excuse of navigation that my brain is, (I swear no sense of direction at all), I usually end up shedding over 7kgs per season hehe. My day …

London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter ’18: Day Three

Sharon Wauchob For London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 18 collection Sharon focused on the extremes of obvious and hidden femininity. Her need to keep a raw attitude to couture through splicing hand embroideries on satin coats. 
Elongating traditional silk dresses and pairing them with oversized Napa coats. Allthis inspired by a mix of photographers; David Noonan’s sculptures and pictures, Sarah Moon’s photographs and Martha Graham’s images. …

London Fashion Week AW18: Day One

2018 was a bit slow in the beginning until I stepped foot in London. With only a few days left on my UK visa you know I had to make the best out of it. What better way than doing what I love best which is Fashion. I attended 25 London Fashion Week  shows this season which I will happily share with you guys. So, …

Looks Like a girl,

But She is A Flame

Alicia Keys

Sundays Are For Chilling at K1 Flea Market Sunday

As the heading suggests…. Sundays are chill days and there’s no better place to chill than at K1 Flea Market on Sundays. I know most of you guys remember K1 as the club where the Wazees with big cars and tummies used to chill.  The young adult with just  a few days post my 18th does. Having gotten my ID fresh from Westlands ready to …