African Inspired Beauty Shoot

So I really loved the makeup and this is the 1st time I tried to pull a fierce look and I was succesful!!! Tyra Banks would be proud hehe 😉
So I just have a couple of pics of which I only managed to edit 2 of them,I’ll share one of them, as for the rest I will upload them once I edit them 🙂 (yup, I can edit pictures but on gimp and not on photoshop, weird I know :))
Photographer: Agnieszka Murak
Makeup: Daria Gosk
Model: Me :))))
Location: Warsaw, Poland


PS: We are now at 1000+ views yay! I would appreciate a word or two from you guys that way I know someone’s out there and I am not talking to myslef 😉 OW! there’s a new song of the week 🙂

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