High School Flashbacks

I was in the mall the other day just browsing through shops. Literally!I find a spot in a shop where I have full view of all clothes in the shop, do a 360degree full body turn and let the clothes speak to me. Lolz I know! I call it skimming through shopping.  I had a fashion show I had to attend in two hours and time was of essence. For those of you who follow me on instagram and snapchat you got to watch it 🙂 Live.

Then I remembered that I have no sweaters at all and well, winter is around the corner. but alas there infront  of me was this grey plushy  sweater. Very soft to touch. I immediately remembered a skirt I had bought a while back and still couldn’t find a top for it, yet. Light bulb moment, people! So I quickly grabbed it and was out of there.

With less then an hour to go, I tried the two pieces and what do you know, A happy dance ensued. If you know me, you know I absolutely refuse to buy any outfit that doesn’t make me do the happy dance (which also previewed on instagram that day :D). That left me with very little time to get ready so I did wear this outfit to the show.

Now I know you guys are wondering why I named this outfit High School flashbacks. It gave me one. Remember back them days in high school, when all we had, were the oversized uniforms we were handed in Form 1 (I guess with the hopes that they’ll push us through to the last year!). Now, with all the teenage adolescent hormones flying everywhere, all girls wanted was to wear the tightest and shortest skirt to appeal to the opposite sexes? No? Are you sure? I don’t believe you! Atleast, there was always that perfectly white shirt soaked in OMO and JIK, scrubbed with the one and only USHINDI bar soap and perfectly ironed (in my school by bribing the Home Science students who were the only ones who had access to an ironing box) that you had reserved for ‘special’ occasions. See, told you flashbacks.

However, If you went to a catholic school like me, dressing in anything that was closer to your knees instead of your ankles earned you a day out doing manual labour with blunt axes and pangas (machetes*). These included either landscaping duties ‘down-the-slopes,” (my high school is placed on a hill so the slopes were indeed hill slopes full of long grass and shrubs), chopping wood or scrubbing latrines! 🙂 and in some cases expelled to go think about your  misguided evil fashion choices. Seeing that I already had my share of duties, I wasn’t risking this one. I kept repeating to myself. “When I graduate I will wear the shortest skirt and the highest heels and intentionally come back to school and show off to the principal” (I never got to live that dream, she retired).

Fast- forward to the present day, I am a proud owner of a pair of over-the-knee boots. They allow me to live the dream 🙂 even with my principal’s threats still sounding at the back of my head. 😀 Seeing that the skirt is short and ruffled, I paired it with an oversized sweater with  ties on the slitted sleeves that can be tied into a ribbon , suede boots, my favourite accessory of this season namely the felt hat and finally to complete the look I chose a geometric cross-body bag with gold chains detail and suede ruffles, that too for balance.









photos by Hannah Kantor

Sweater: Zara

Skirt: Zara

Crossbody Bag: Zara

Hat: H&M

Boots: Stuart Weitzman


Have a lovely day and do feel free share your high school stories below xoxo

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