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Everything You Want is On The Other Side of Fear.

George Addair

Why Fit in When You Were Born to Standout

Anna Wintour

Europe Trip Final: SANA Berlin Hotel

So after two crazy days in Italy I would have to say I am absolutely proud of, myself. I don’t think I have ever done so much in  a two day holiday. I got back to Berlin and as per this trip’s tradition I booked the hotel at the airport once i landed. Thank god for Trivago. I took a cab and off to the …

Normality is a paved road:

It is comfortable to walk in, but no flowers grow.

Vincent Van Gogh

Europe Trip: Part 2: Vienna House Andel’s Berlin

So after days of fighting the flu I finally got the chance to tour Berlin. Now, Why Three different hotels? Well, for those of you who watched the first vlog, I unfortunately made my reservation in August instead of July. Of all the times to mess up your reservations! Most hotels were fully booked and the ones that weren’t had a room for a night …

If you Never Try, You’ll Never Know.


Unless it’s Mad, Passionate, Extraordinary Love, it’s a Waste of your time. There are too many Mediocre things in life. Love Shouldn’t be One of them.

Dreams For An Insomniac