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It Has Been A While

Ok. It really does seem like forever since I last posted. Sorry for the delay. A lot has been going on and amazing things have been happening. I even did a photoshoot and have the photos….which I will be posting soon. So tonight it’s going to be a marathon blogging night. I will start with a photoshoot in which I got stuck in the traffic …

Forest/Lake Nymphs

This was my last photoshoot. I did participate in other shoots but im still waiting for the rest of the pictures, as for now, enjoy the few 🙂 Photographer: Paulina Gasek Makeup: Magda Model: Me Location: Plock, Poland.  

Army Baracks Ruins

This was by far the most challenging shoot. I got introduced to the photographers by my most favourite fashion person Ewa. The reason why it was so challenging was the weather went from warm to super cold(the rain, the wind!)!!!! Talk about winter in spring! Thinking warm helped me hide the cold as well as the gentleman Pawel is coz everytime he wasnt shooting, he …