The Warsaw Uprising of 1944

This post could be 2 days late but better late than never. Most of you know that I stay in Poland. Every year during summer I always travelled back home and as embarrasing as it is, till now, I never knew, about the ‘still minute’ at 1700h every 1st of August, A day in which the people of Warsaw, Poland stand still for one minute in honor of the heroic soldiers of the Polish Resistance Home Army, Armia Krajowa, who fought to liberate Warsaw during The World War II from the Nazi Germany. This was by far the biggest rebellion against the Nazi Germany occupation.
So why exactly The 1st if August? Well, This is because on this day in 1944 the Warsaw uprising began.
This year I had the opportunity to see it with my own eyes and I have to say I was deeply moved…to tears.

The feature video is what was left of Warsaw after WWII:

….and this is how the people of Warsaw commemorate this day…..


To learn more about The Warsaw Uprising, visit the sites:

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