London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter ’18: Day Five


The Minki Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, presented in Park Chinois in Mayfair against a backdrop that paid homage to the unrestrained decadence of 1930s Shanghai is inspired from gemstones, mineral jewels.

Traditional and contemporary elements merged; sculptural couture outerwear was styled alongside dainty fairylike dresses fashioned from layer upon layer of delicate tulles, pleated into checks to resemble the facets and transparency of carved gemstones. Taffeta jackets were quilted to give the illusion of reflections, delivering dimension and definition in a way that has become Minki’s signature.

Minki has become known for his playfulness with texture and volume, combining couture elements with denim in looks that are daring, yet very wearable. Manipulating fabric in diverse innovate ways, from billowing white shirts finished with pearlescent silk, cinched at the waist with a quilted three dimensional belt, to an almost pixelated multi-faceted sheer frock in bold red pleated detailing.

Eudon Choi

Specifically, the Korean designer did a homage to St. Ives, the Cornish harbour town in England which have been attracting from the mid-1800s some of the world’s greatest painters, sculptors and ceramists. Choi especially focuses on post-WWI and during WWII period, when modern artists (Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, Naum Gabo, Alfred Wallis) settled in St. Ives, turning it into an international epicentre of modern art.

He pays homage to the brave fishermen who worked the harsh sea and the tin and copper miners through beautiful symbolic details and accessories.

Alexander White is a British Luxury foot wear brand offering elegant, timeless shoes combined with contemporary and playful silhouettes. FO w Autumn Winter 18 Collection, the designer found his inspiration in the southern regions of the United States which brings to life a playful and eclectic collection that focusses on Disco Cowboy. Also drawing inspiration from Studio 54, the glamour and vibrancy of the New york disco scene translated into clean, sophisticated lines and over the top materials, including glitter sand water-snake.

Alexander incorporates Swarovski crystals, floral prints, velvet and satin to create a variety of shapes and textures. Each silhouettes has been dovee with a n intricate eye for detail, in addition to exploring new materials such as lurex and crepe silks. White also builds on previous techniques in printing his eye-catching prints onto specchio leather.

Jamie Wei Huang : To All The Hearts That Dream

AW18 is inspired by 1990’s Hong Kong, the golden era of the entertainment industry. The legendary figures of the industry revolutionised a new peak . The time was driven by courage, deep longing, and that almost young and foolish fearlessness hearts . A time that feels like it wasn’t all that long ago, but the nostalgia it brings is a reminder of what’s been missing now. The collection is a dedication to whom that dreams , and still stubborn enough to believed in it

A by Jigsaw

Rendered in the finest silks and held up by cool blues, denim and snaps of monochrome, A by Jigsaw returned to London Fashion Week last night. A collection celebrating colour in bold chevron prints, eclectic florals and surprise flashes of red and green

“When it comes to inspiration, there’s a continual process of being a magpie. This season I’ve pulled from things I’ve collected and stored away for years, waiting for the right moment”— said Collette Brown, Designer of A by Jigsaw.

It starts with an overdose of colour. Pleat inserts in skirts and dresses. Silky soft knits in multi-coloured chevrons and stripes. They’re timeless pieces to wear with tailoring, or with denim and pared back accessories. Then there’s the palette cleanser for a trans-seasonal feel, with stripped back prints, zig zags and a placement tulip floral rendered using a stark silhouette in black and white.

A crowd favourite were the velvet ribbon ties in loose pony tails; with hair wispy and feminine as though sleep tousled, they made the perfect finishing touch for the tulle and silk looks that floated down the runway.

Tata Naka

For prevail and AW18 designer Tamara and Natasha have chosen to celebrate various folk traditions and costumes of Eastern Europe. This eclectic collection features references to famous floral Russian Shawls of Pavlovo Pasad, daring back to the 1800s, as well as the accordion pleated sleeves of traditional dance costumes of Szek.

Motifs from Georgian Kilims of the 1920s and 1930s are also seen running through the collection in the form of figurative prints portraying the images of the traditional Red Army officers on horseback, two lions or deer.

The PreFALL collection features polka dot cotton pieces mixed with tulle frills and decorated with multiple trims as well as shapes taking inspiration from traditional Columbian and Seminole Costumes.

Richard Quinn was the last show and took the crown for this season’s Designer. I will therefore prepare a honourable mention post 🙂

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